Handwriting Analysis & Numerologist!


     A celebrated and renowned Certified Graphoanalyst and Certified Document Examiner, has analyzed the handwriting of music stars, famous politicians (Presidents included), and thousands of regular people.  The Handwriting Analysis holds degrees from the International Graphoanalysis Society, Chicago, Illinois and the Institute of Graphological Science, Dallas, Texas.

They have examined the Last Will and Testament of Country Music Legend Tammy Wynette; profiled the serial killer Paul Dennis Reid; and worked on the Byron "Low Tax" Looper case in the murder of Senator Tommy Burks. 

Handwriting is like looking through a glass window right into the brain.  Over the past thirty years accurately demonstrated how our every thought is revealed through the little scratchings we make with pen and paper.

You may have seen recently on Channel 5 News from Nashville in a special report about Handwriting Analysis used for prescreening employees. One of the top scientific handwriting experts in the nation and maintains a 98% analysis accuracy rate.

Big hit at parties of all types! They accent the positive traits and speak words of hope and encouragement without compromising the truth! Popular speaker and presenter of workshops for those who seek to inspire personal growth, motivate employees & promote harmony.


Order Your Personal Handwriting Analysis

Find out the whole truth about yourself, a loved one, or friends.  Your talents, and strengths will be uncovered, and suggestions for self-improvement will be offered in areas of weakness.  Encouragement and a healthy boost comes with every analysis.

Couples check out your compatibility before getting deeply involved in a new relationship.  Be alert to potential problem areas.

Just think of it as love insurance!

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