Rik Roberts

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Stand Up Comedy & Music with good clean fun!

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Nashville Comedian Rik Roberts proves that you can be clean and funny. Along with his comedy club performances, Rik keeps busy with a schedule full of corporate entertaining where he also provides big laughs without the crude language. Making sure your event is a success is as important as getting laughs.

 Entertainment for: Corporate, Fundraisers & Special Engagements.

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Few comics realize the difference between doing a show at a comedy club, and entertaining at a corporate event better than Rik Roberts.                         

The comedy club atmosphere is conducive to rough language and suggestive material. It is possible to be clean and funny in this setting but few comics have the discipline to do so. Instead they go for the cheap, often offensive laugh. It has been accepted as the "norm" at most clubs. While no doubt some of these acts are truly funny, they wouldn't have five minutes of material suitable for a corporate event.

Rik realized early on that performing for corporate groups requires a different kind of comedian. One who is upbeat, positive, professional & considerate of the audience. An entertainer who will not put getting laughs ahead of maintaining dignity. A performer who will not jeopardize the reputation of those who hired him.

Delivering the appropriate show means knowing the audience. Rik prides himself on interacting with the group in a way that is fresh and inviting - not crude and demeaning. He can "customize" his show to suit your needs. This ability alone sets him apart from the other clean comedians.

Another difference is that Rik's act is multi-dimensional. In addition to his stand-up routines, Rik sings his original comedy songs. Many if these have aired on syndicated morning shows and even National Public Radio. This one-two punch guarantees something for everyone. 

Performances needn't be limited to holiday office parties. Rik has hosted awards shows, sales meetings, fundraisers, year-end banquets, new product roll-outs - you name it! 

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