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We have sponsored location on the very front page of our web site or any page that may relate to what you offer or do. We sell and trade for hot links, banners or information on our web site to yours.

We also offer a Check these links out This location is were we have other companies swap links with our web site. We have links on our web site on this web page and the companies you see have our our web site linked to there's.


We offer advertisement on the inside and outside of our party busses. We offer advertisement on the sides and back of the party busses (outside). On the inside we offer brochure and business card holders for advertisement inside. We can  pass out specials and offers you may have with flyers that you provide us. We sell and trade for this type of advertisement.

Examples of advertisements on our party bus below!


We also trade in services! We let you use our party bus for your event or special celebration in return we get a service or advertisement in trade. Call and ask for Kirk for more details. We have been in business for several years in the Party Bus and Limo industry. We look forward to doing business with you and helping you advertise your service or product you offer on the outside or inside of our party busses! We do all types of parties and events, so you will receive all types of people from young to old seeing your advertisement on our party busses! So your advertisement is endless and running 24/7 and being seen all over and around Nashville and all 10 counties surrounding Nashville! They go downtown every weekend! So everyone on the bus will be seen by many downtown Nashville!

You can see the adds behind our group standing in front of the party bus on the party bus windows. We did a traded with this group! They used the party bus for there company party. In trade they adv. us and use us for future events and company parties! We can do the same for you!

If you would like to get more information on what we do and how we can help you adv. your company call Kirk at 615-207-6897 or email: pro_entertainment@msn.com

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