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Payment Method? credit card cash money order (For Deposits or Payment in full)

Note:  If booking a party bus, need to print out service contract, sign and fax to 615-453-1157

 Entertainment is avail. for special events and celebrations on any of our Party Bus or Luxury Coach we offer. Ask for details.

 Special Requests:

Music Preferences:(example: rap,coutry,dance,60-70-80's)  


You will be notified by a representative within 24 hours to make appointment  with Pro Entertainment  Nashville & The Party Bus.

Tips are greatly appreciated for the Driver, Dj's and Entertainers you may have on the bus. If you feel they were great and you had fun please be courteous.  Please remember all party arrangements including transportation home needs to be prearranged at least 3 days prior to your party. With the exception of Special request where a 7-day advance notice needs to be received.  Please note: There will be a central drop off location. Pro Entertainment Nashville is not responsible for what goes on outside of our Party Bus. We can prevent things while your party is on the bus like: Under age drinking, drugs, bad behavior and bad words or if not going by the rules can cause the party to end. If you have any questions call 615-207-6897. 

If you have any questions call: 615-207-6897 from 10am to 5pm after our calls up till 8pm ( Monday - Saturday Close Sunday)

We book events on Sunday just not in the office on Sundays.


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