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Party Bus Service Contract

Pro Entertainment Nashville will be providing a sober driver and DJ'S to escort you on your party adventure. We want everyone on the bus to have a great time! We do not encourage drinking, but if there is drinking we want to make sure you have a safe and sober way home.  To ensure that everyone will have a great time and a safe trip, we would like every guest to abide by our safety rules listed below.

1. All guests on the party bus must be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages! Driver's & Dj's will check ID's before entering the bus! Note: If at any time we have one or more under age guess come back to our bus intoxicated or smell of alcohol in there breath, they will not be allowed to come back on bus! At this time we will call the parents or person in charge to get a cab or have the parent to pick them up.  If there is 1 or more under age people on bus we will not allow beverages or alcoholic beverages brought on the bus! Unless the kids are with there Mother or Father this will not apply. (We can supply the drinks for an extra cost) This goes for Kids parties, Proms & Formal Dances! Adult Parties can bring soft drinks and or alcoholic beverages on the bus (we supply you with 2 coolers & ice) If you want to bring food on board there will be a $25 dollar clean up fee. We prefer you not to bring food on board! There are no tables to set your food on and can be thrown on the floor during transport! If anyone was to VOMIT on the bus there will be a $100.00 clean up fee that will be charged to the person that signs service contract below! (No exceptions) NO FEE TO BRING DRINKS ON THE BUS! (BYOB 21& up parties only) "Again we can supply drinks for Kids & Teens Parties on the bus for an extra cost".

2. No drugs, no violence, no weapons of any kind will be tolerated. You must follow the rules; if any of the above occurs you will be immediately dropped off at your prearranged destination and will not be refunded any amount.

3. Do not under any circumstances distract the driver; we want you and your party to arrive safely. If you have any questions please direct to the D.J., he will take care of your party.

4. Enter at your own risk. Pro Entertainment will not be held responsible / liable if any guest gets injured from various causes. For instance, if the bus is in motion and all guests are not seated, or if you are under the influence of any substance. All injuries must be reported immediately at the time of injury to the DJ. And he or she will instruct you to fill out our accident report form.

5. Keep all personal items with you at all times; we are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

6. If any property of Pro Entertainment's Party Bus gets damaged or stolen from the guests at your party you will be held liable for replacement costs, collection fees, attorney fees court costs, etc. We want Pro Entertainment Nashville Party Buses to stay looking great for our customers.

Smokers! Warning! If you burn a hole in the seats provided, there will be a $60-$75 charge (per hole) to have it patched up and more for rips and tares. The person who signs this contract will be held responsible to pay the fees to fix/patch the burnt hole or holes! Same applies to rips or tares on the seats!

7. We will not pick up additional people through the night that were not on the itinerary list. This is for your safety. Also we are not responsible for what happens while you and your friends or family is off the bus. For example: At no time do we allow alcohol on the bus if there is anyone under the age of 21. We can control it on the bus! But once they leave the bus we can not stop or be responsible for what they do away from the bus. We can assure you that it will not happen on our bus! (Staff check ID's and knows if there is going to be under age people on bus)! Again as it says above, If at any time we have one or more under age guess come back to our bus intoxicated or smell of alcohol in there breath, they will not be allowed to come back on bus! At this time we will call the parents or person in charge to get a cab or have the parent to pick them up.

8. The following pages are your itinerary for your party. Please review to ensure there is no discrepancies. Please note that your party begins when the driver arrives for the initial pick-up and ends when the last person is dropped off. No exceptions! If you go over your time there will be an additional $100 charged for another hour, whether you use the hour or not you will still be charged! No Exceptions! (We pay the help by the hour.)

9. If your party goes over the prearranged time you will be held responsible for the additional hours charged. Additional charges are to be paid in full before your party ends.

10. At no time will we allow anyone to be hanging out the windows (heads, arms and hands) or throwing trash out the windows. This is for your own safety! If you do not abide by these rules we will end the party!

11. While the bus is in motion please keeps one hand holding a rail while standing or dancing for your safety. 

12. If the music stops & the DJ. Announces for everyone to be seated please do so promptly! We will need your full attention! 

13. There is NO glass bottles, cups or glass containers allowed on the bus. This is for your protection.

** The emergency exit is located in the back of the bus.

** If your party cancels or reschedules without a 7 day advanced notice you will be responsible for the total amount of the original party balance. There will be no refunds "No exceptions"! A 30 day grace period will be allowed to reschedules, or the deposit will be lost."

 .***All parties will have to be paid in full before we allow anyone on board the bus. There is a deposit to hold your date. The remaining balance is due BEFORE boarding the bus.

There is a 20% Gratuity, for total hours used (for Dj & Driver)

****Note to guarantee your reservation you must read, sign and date this form and pay the deposit. Sign and return contract and itinerary.

Print full name here___________________________________________________

Signature___________________________________________________________              Date:_________/__________/__________

By signing you are in agreement to all rules and regulations above.

*If you are paying deposit with Credit or Debt Card please fill out lower portion*
  I hereby authorize Pro Entertainment Nashville to debit my credit card in the amount of

$________._____   Visa MasterCard American Express Debit card ............________ (last 4 digits of credit card used for deposit)

for deposit on performance or service on the date of :     _______ /_______/_______  (date for service)   Pick up time_________________      Hours booked __________

$_______._____ is due on date of show. (Cash money)

Print full name here___________________________________________________ 

Signature____________________________________________________________              Date:_________/__________/__________

****Note To guarantee your reservation you must pay the deposit, sign and return this form. Please fax to number above****

If you decide to purchase a performance or service through Pro Entertainment Nashville and you make a deposit, we do not return or refund deposits if canceled!  Only if Pro Entertainment is at fault will we return a deposit. You have 30 days from date of cancellation to reschedule the performance or service so that you do not loose your deposit. We need a 24 hour notice for cancellations, If you cancel last minute there is no refund on deposits! (You loose the deposit & 30 days to reschedule does not apply to last minute cancellations.) We take deposit with any major credit card. If making Full Payment on service or entertainment or to add a tip on credit card, there is a $25 fee charged for this service!

Any last minute bookings (booked 48 hours or less) require half down deposit to set appointment. If the customer above decides to cancel after making the last minute booking, deposit will not be refund nor rescheduled! (This only applies to last minute bookings) All other deposit and bookings apply to the regulations above.

Pro Entertainment Nashville & The Party Bus thanks you for your business! 615-207-6897