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We also provide everything you need for Weddings & Receptions: Limo's, Disc Jockeys, Wedding Singer, Live Bands, Entertainment, Tables & Chairs, Dance Floor, Stages, Tents, Linens, Unity Candles, China, Glass ware, Flatware, Beverage Servers & Chocolate Fountain, Wedding Equipment, Catering, Catering Equipment, Brass Candelabra, White Candelabra, Kneeling Bench, Centerpieces, Columns, Colonnades, Wicker Accessories, Contemporary, Nickel Candelabras, Silver Candelabras & much more! You name it, we've got it!

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Which entertainer or services  would you like to book? (this would be the name of entertainer or type of service or name of product) If there is more than one type of service or performance that you want please list all of them here: 

Which costume would you like ? (if applicable)  

Please make a second choice just in case the first choice is not available. (this is for the telegrams, sing-a-grams & dance-0-grams only)   

Which costume would you like them to wear? (If applicable)  

What are you celebrating?  What type of event are you hosting?

  If Birthday, What is the Age? 

If other not listed please explain what this special event is.

Any special request? (this would be the area for special announcements or anything you might want done extra or anything you want to make sure gets done by entertainer or service that we offer)   

Do you need a Disc Jockey  (Entertains with music, lights & sound! We can also set you up with dance floors & stages) yes no 

     if yes how many hours?

Which payment method do you prefer?


Where will this event take place?


Click Here to view in  the list of night clubs, bars & restaurants where we may be able set up a performances. (Please contact manager or owner of business  to confirm/approve performance on the date and time you need it done.)

What is the actual address where this event will take place? 
Please include the occupant's name or business name with a complete address

 Name of  Business or residence :                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Event Address: (street address, any applicable suite or apt. #, city, state, & zip).   This is very important it will help us determine how far the service or entertainer has to travel and to get you the correct price quote!

Please provide us with the name & telephone number of a person that will be
at the event location should we need to contact them.

Name Phone #

If there is a "guest of honor" at this event, what is their name?

How did you learn about

   If phone book, is it Bell South/ ATT , Yellow Book  or Transwestern Yellow Pages    

What listing did you find us in the phone book? example: (entertainment, party planning, Disc jockeys...)  

 If Recommended , what is there name?     

If search,  what search engine used and what did you type in:

       ? Search  ? Did you type in

Enter the time of this event :(Time that you want entertainer or show to start :am/pm)

How many hours do you need service or entertainer. (example: 2h)

Enter the date of this event:

How many people do you expect at this event: (Please mention how many children if apply and how many adults)

What is the age group involved with this event? (example 10 to 60's) 

Please give us detailed directions from an Interstate or major highway
to your event location:

Choose any of the following items for delivery by our entertainer's for extra fee.

fresh flower bouquet ($30)

dozen roses bouquet ($50)

candy ($25)
greeting card ($10) Specify note inside card

balloons ($30)
other    please specify

Have a pizza delivered with an Entertainer dressed like a pizza delivery person.

Would you like to book a limo or party bus for this special event? (Party Bus holds 20 people comes with DJ'S, Driver, Lights & Sound System! It is a Night Club on Wheels!)

Yes!    No, thanks.          If yes do you want a limo or Party Bus?   How many hours

Would you like to rent the cake for this special occasion?  yes no (Our Entertainer's or someone you know can jump out of this cake.) 

Do you need tables, chairs or a tent for this event?  yes no if yes please put down how many you need of each.

Do you need this event to be catered?  yes no

     If yes please let us know if you want a meal or finger food & how many people are we serving?

What time is best to contact you for order confirmation?

-- hour: minutes am/pm



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