Halfdan outfits for

Sword Swallowing and Fire-Eating Show!

Costumes and characters available:
* Vegas style sword swallowing/fire-eating (leather pants and Copperfield look)
* Turn of the century old fashioned Wild West Sideshow
* Circus Sideshow (Juggling, Fire-eating, Sword Swallowing, Human Blockhead)
* Marde Gras (Juggling on stilts with or without Blue and Gold Macaw)
* Colonial Pioneer Buckskinner - fire-eating, sword swallowing saber, with macaw
* Capn Cutless the Swash Buckling Pirate - fire-eating, sword swallowing with Macaw
* Belteshazzar - Exotic fire-eater, sword swallower (ie Alladin, Sinbad, Arabian nights)
* Indian fakir - Exotic Indian fakir with sword swallowing, fire-eating, sitar music
* Arabian Shiek (ala Lawrence of Arabia with fire-eating and sword swallowing)
* Medieval Viking with sword swallowing and fire-eating
* Tropical Caribbean/Hawaiian Luau - tropical shirts, pith helmet, parrots, fire-eating, sword swallowing
* Wild West Country Western Cowboy - Juggling on tall stilts with chaps, tall Cowboy hat, gauntlets, fringed jacket

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