Inflatable Slides & Water Slides

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 27' Cliff Hanger Duel Slide!

"WOW! What A Rush!"

Cliff Hanger: The Newest, Biggest Slide in Middle Tn. 33’ Long, 20’ Wide and 27’ High, Its sure to excite the children and adults alike. Climb to the top, grab the rings and with your back to the slide let go. A 27’ drop at a 60 degree angle, are you brave enough to do it a second time!

The ship is sinking! Can you survive the slide down? Still hanging in as the most popular design and the tallest inflatable slide ever made, the Ocean liner Super Slide is still ranked #1 in customer request for a giant slide. Spacious climbing area, safety handrails and steps allow each rider to ascend to the sliding areas with ease. This incredible slide captures the heart of both young and old with its beautiful design and fast dual slide lanes. The spacious center cabin features an easy to climb stairway with handrails for safety. The heart racing 35’ ride down the deck is nothing short of a memorable event! Towering in at nearly three stories tall with a slide lane 35' feet in length and it's steep 50 degree slope, this awesome slide captures the feeling of the real giant. Adding to the realism of this ride are the triple screw propellers and rudder.


DIMENSIONS: 35' wide x 65' long x 33' tall
POWER REQUIREMENTS: (3) 20 amp 110 volt circuits within 80' of Oceanliner (G-Force does offer a generator to meet this power requirement at a very reasonable cost)
THROUGHPUT: Up to 120 persons per hour
RIDER RESTRICTIONS: Max weight: 200lbs
Iceberg Challenge
Can you survive the iceberg challenge. Use this unit with the Titanic Slide or by itself.

Accelerator Duel Slide!

Giant  2 Lane Slide "Accelerator" 25' L x 20' W x 21' H  with a 60 degree slope & over 20' High!

( A real attention grabber! 2 kids can slide down at the same time racing to the bottom!)

Cars Dual Lane Slide

"Race your way to the end"

Lightning and his convoy of Carburetor County friends rev up the party! The memories of Lightning's journey to the Piston Cup and his unexpected detour in a small, unassuming town along the road called Radiator Springs are captured in the Car's slide. Brilliant graphics of Lightning, Flo, Doc, Mater and all the other big screen residents of Carburetor County provide a whole new life size experience for their fans! The Cars Double Lane Slide features a front loading entrance slide. Climb to the top under Lightning's chassis as Mater holds him up by his bumper. The double slides are secured with the no-jump mesh top. Take the vertical plunge. Watch your speed, Doc is waiting at the bottom and beware the cacti! High-visibility, fire mesh around all sides allows spectators to view easily.

Space needed: 20' x 30' and 22' Tall


Giant Slide


* From here down is our water slides *


Astro Glide Slip & Slide

California Wave

California Wave: Slip and slide your way over 30ft of fun on water into a pool at the end. A favorite for those hot summer months. 33’L x 10’W x 9’H

Back Yard  Water Slides

15' Water Slide

Space needed: 22' x 12' and 16' Tall


Can be used as a dry or wet slide!

Water Slide

18' Water Slide

The Big Splash 18' Slide

18’ High with a 60 degree
slope. Slide down fast for a super splash
in the pool at the end.
25’L x 11’W x 18’HSpace needed: 32' x 12' and 18' Tall w/ Pool (wet)
or 22' x 12' and 18' Tall w/o Pool (dry)


The Wipe Out Water Slide!

If your looking for a water slide this is the coolest slide available in Tennessee. 19’ high with a fast bumpy ride to the bottom.
35’L x 15’W x 19'H

Wipe Out Slide Wipe Out Slide

Monster Wave

19’ high dual lane slide, full of bumps and twist and turns. "Try to ride the wave."

30’L x 15’ W x 19’H

Wild Rapids Water Slide

Our Wild Rapids Water Slide is the World's first Dual Lane Curved Water Slide!
Experience the thrill of riding the rapids down this wet mountain of fun. Riders shoot down individual sliding lanes where they encounter the thrill of a bump in the rapids before they scream around the curve and make a soft splash landing. This beautiful Water Slide will blow your guests away!

Space Needed: 30' x 20' and 21' Tall

24' Giant 2 HumpWater Slide

The Corkscrew Water Slide

AZ Corkscrew Slide

Corkscrew Inflatable 22'Foot Water Slide - New for 2010!

Feel the adrenalin pumping, heart pounding exhilaration of wind in your face excitement! The Corkscrew adventure begins by climbing up 17steps to the top of the 22-Foot Slide. Take a seat, catch your breath, and prepare for the ride of your life! Push off onto the incredibly long 44-foot sliding lane as it propels you through a 180 degree right turn before screaming into the tunnel and through another 90 degree left turn, and finishing by sliding onto an inflatable Landing Mattress. With all its twists and turns we should have called it the screamer, as kids scream all the way through this amazing ride!

"Tall Roaring River" (27’ Tall 60' Long)

The Newest, Biggest, Baddest Water Slide in Middle TN! Over 27’ Tall, 60’ Long, with a 60 degree slope, its the coolest water slide in town. Run down the roaring river, over the bumps into another slide that runs into a pool at the end. This ride is not for the weak of heart (I’m not kidding its fast) Must be 5 years of age or older

Water & laser Tag Inflatable Arena


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