Inflatable Sports Games

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Inflatable Speed Pitch

More fun in one unit! We can do baseball, football, softball

Mini All Star Hoops

"Basketball Hoops"

Race the clock to see who's the best free throw champ! Best score in 30 seconds wins the game! No timer, you keep score and time 9L x 9W x 8H


Inflatable Batting Cage

Inflatable Tug-a-War

Football tug-a-war game were you pull each other.

Sumo Wrestling (Inflatable)

More laughs then almost any other game we offer. The Sumo Suits are a great addition to any party.  Just inflate the suits and start bouncing off each other.

Comes with 14 x 14 foam mat, suits, helmets and blower.

Inflatable Goal Post

Be a hero, win the game. Can you make the field goal!

Sticky Wall


Skee Ball

A favorite game loved by young and old a like. Great for fund raisers or just plain fun. Every one loves Skee ball. "Rent 2 of them for more playing time."


T-Ball Extreme

Everyone loves baseball. Hit the ball magically floating in the air (its harder than it looks). Hit a single, double or even a home run!


Bouncing Boxing

  Imagine yourself as a contender for the World Heavy Weight Title! As you fight with hilariously oversized gloves. 15' L x  15' W x 6' H

Bouncy Boxing    

Rock & Roll Joust & Gladiator Joust

  Contenders ready! Take your Gladiator sticks and let the battle begin! Beware the podium rocks and rolls and the Gladiators will do well to keep their balance! 22' L x 24' W x 6' H


Sports Bungee Challenge

A combination of a Bungee Run and Tug-O-War! Battle the power of the bungee, not to mention your opponent! in this dual sports game which brings the excitement of both Slam Dunk Basketball and Grid Iron Football!

37' L x 10' W x 9' H 

Tug N' Dunk Football Game

Professional football players have never had this type of challenge to contend with. Players try to continually score points against the power of your competitor and the resistance of a bungee cord. One of our most exciting items, Tug N Dunk is a tug of war game that puts two players in competition with one another to see who can score the most points. 35L x 11W x 9H

2 Lane Bungee Run

Bungee Run: One of the all time favorites. Two contestants wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached. As they run down the runway, the participants try to place Velcro markers at the furthest point possible before the cord pulls them back. 41L x 11W x 9H

Full Court Press

Experience the thrill of competition, one on one shoot out. Make the ball on your side and it comes out on the other side. First to get rid of their basketballs wins!

PK Shootout

One on one competition for those people that love soccer. Make the shot on your side and the soccer ball comes out on the other side. First to get rid of their soccer balls wins

Quarterback Blitz

Are you the next Peyton Manning? One on one competition in a fight for yards. get the most yards and win!

Sports Arena 1

The new All in 1 Sports Arena will satisfy any sports fan with eight different game choices! Enjoy traditional team sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, as well as gymnasium classics like dodge ball, first n' goal, and volleyball. For added adventure, game has set-ups for joust and twister, and mesh sides allow for easy viewing of the playing field. Big fun is to be had with this All in 1 Sports Arena

37.6' Long & 17.4' Wide

Sports Arena 2

The massive size and bounciness add to the fun of basketball, volleyball or choose which to play! Or use as a giant bounce.

Inflatable Surf Simulator

"King Of The Mountain"
(3 sided Inflatable Rock Wall!)

Wrecking Ball

Jacobs Latter

Inflatable Twister Game

Zero Gravity

A favorite for fundraisers. Try to knock down the balls magically floating in the air. Kids and Adults love this fun game! (blow up game) 10' x 10" x 9'


Cash Box



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