Mike The Caricaturist!

Entertainment fit for Framing!



I've been on a quest to create art since I was a young boy. Art had priority over the normal kid things like playing ball. Also serious near sightedness and an 'affliction' called left handedness helped shove me into art. It seems I wasn't any good at anything else.

   So I was the strange kid in class who got into trouble for drawing caricatures of the teachers and classmates.

    Full time, I'm a graphic artist. This is what I went to school for. It took me six years to get a two year degree from Nashville Tech while I worked full time and went to night school. You may never find a guy who is so proud of an Associates Degree. So I've been a graphic artist by day for nearly 10 years. I work with and for some of the finest people too and life's been good!

   Still, I'm best known as a caricature artist. Probably always will be. The first job I got when I hit Nashville back in '86 was at the Opryland USA theme park as a caricature artist. This has opened the door to getting  frequent calls to do party caricatures. I've probably drawn well over 10,000 people during these past 20 years.

  But I've always tried to be versatile. Even though I've never had a chance to go to art school, I've practiced all of my life on painting, pen & ink line drawings and even silkscreen printing... and I've had the most outrageously great time!  

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