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     Originally from Pennsylvania, I received my BA in Fine Art and Psychology at California State University, Northridge. Most of my training is in painting and drawing. I have worked with many different mediums; paint, clay, wood, henna, just about everything. Henna has been one of my favorite mediums since 1996 because of the intimate and meditative qualities of the art form.
I have taught henna classes and participated in many fairs, festivals, private parties, and private appointments creating henna tattoos for attendees. With a high level of professionalism, I have great fun with people and get a terrific response from adults as well as children. I also do murals, decorative painting and fine art paintings.

henna body decoration
  • Birthday Party Henna Tattoos
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Mehndi
  • Corporate Party henna temporary tattoos
  • Picnics/Reunion body art
  • Bachelorette Party henna tattoos, body art
  • Mehndi Body Decoration
  • Private Party henna tattoos
  • Henna at Special Events
  • Bridal Shower temporary tattoos
  • Wedding Mehndi
  • Henna tattoos, body art for Photo/Film Shoots
  • Henna Body Decoration
temporary tattoos Designs are created with only the finest quality natural henna paste.
body art All artwork is done free-hand. The henna designs can be modified to suit the client.
henna body art Mehndi Design books and henna tattoo photographs will be provided for people to look at and choose their henna designs.
Party-goers may also choose to let the artist improvise (the traditional Mehndi way).
mehndi "How to care for your henna design" written instructions given to each person.

shoulder body art

henna bicep tattoo 

 henna tattoo lower back

henna belly button tattoo   butterfly henna tattoo

Henna Butt Tattoo

  henna Dragon tattoo

henna foot tattoo     foot henna tattoo


palm henna tattoo  

   Henna Hand Tattoo   shoulder henna tattoo

henna belly tattoo   henna foot design

henna arm tattoo   hand henna tattoo


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