Alaska Part 4: Skagway

Our day in Skagway was definitely interesting, but we would have to say the tour we took was not one of our favorites for this trip. It was very long and lots of sitting which we knew, but I guess we thought it would be a little bit more fun and interesting, which would make up for it. The plus side is that our tour guide, Seth, was really funny. The weather was very cold, windy, and rainy it was even snowing at some of our picture stops. Can't complain about the weather though because we only had a couple days like that in the entire two weeks.

Our tour was the Scenic Whitepass Railway and Yukon.The first part was a bus ride that took us into Canada's Yukon territory, so a Canada customs official got on the bus to check our passports at one point. Apparently it is a huge deal if anyone tries to take a picture of them (actually a federal offense) and they will actually take your camera away from you. So I put mine away completely. I wasn't about to chance them suspecting me (even though I wasn't planning on taking a photo.) But once the coast was clear I did take a cute picture of us riding on the bus 🙂

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We made several picture stops along the way on the bus ride but the photos aren't anything too special because the weather was so foggy and gloomy. We then stopped off at this little touristy area called Caribou Crossings. We had a tasty hot BBQ lunch there and some hot tea which felt so good on such a cold day. The eating area felt like a mess hall at a summer camp, and for some reason we really enjoyed it! The little homemade donuts they had there we're really good too. They had a museum there, all taxidermy stuffexhibits of the wildlife found in Alaska and the Yukon. It was kind of cool, but definitely a tourist trap and not the kind of thing we are usually into. I did take pictures of most of the animals though, because what else was I going to do there? Haha.

As we we're driving along to our next destination, the tour guide came to a stop quite suddenly because we all spotted a bear. It turned out not to be just any bear but a GLACIER BEAR, which is a cross between a brown bear and a polar bear. These are really rare and most locals have never even seen one. For a long time they thought these we're mythical creatures until they started actually spotting them that's how rare it is to see one. Our tour guide had never seen one before either. I didn't get the best photos because it happened so quickly that I didn't have my camera on the best setting, but at least I have proof that we saw one!

Our next stop was the town of CarCross. This is where we got on the train that would take us back to where we came from. This was supposedly a very scenic train ride and we we're very excited about it but it just didn't live up to our expectations. Part of it was due to the weather and fog, but also I think we expected the train to feel more antique/original inside which is wasn't. And the gas stove used to heat it inside SMELLED like gas the whole time which made us a bit sick to our stomachs. Oh well, I am still glad we had the experience. We did get a couple of nice photos 🙂

When we got into Skagway again we went into the train rail gift shop and we ended up finding a new outfit for Waddles!! He loves his new vest and now he wants to wear it on all hiking and camping trips, or anywhere cold 🙂 We even got a little pin for him with the name of the railroad and added it to his outfit. Turns out there was a big stuffed bear outside the shop dressed exactly like that.

As sad as this might be that was the highlight of our day. We love that penguin 🙂

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