Cadmans Cottage, The Rocks

I am a liar. There I admitted it, and so are all of you who are having the same recurring thought that I am. There is absolutely no reason for Sydney-siders, I confess myself included, to ever utter the words there's nothing to do this weekend. The city of Sydney is host to 101 entertaining activities for residents and tourists to enjoy over the weekend. On closer inspection, this former hermit deciding to come out of hibernation realised that all of these activities are fun, entertaining and best of all some of them are free!

Come rain or shine, winter or summer, there is something for everyone on weekends. Theres a million excuses, trust me I've used them myself, for reasons not to venture out, but get over it we all have busy work weeks but DO NOT let that be the reason for not experiencing the enlivening greatness of this spectacular city. People are flying in from all over the world to get a taste of Australias favourite city (not just saying that because I live here, it's true!) and it's here for the taking whenever we want it. So what are we waiting for?

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For all those night-owls not inclined to come out during the day two words: pub run. Youre already out the door aren't you? Give me a minute to explain because this pub run is not the usual pub run that we all have in mind. The best way to describe it is a pub run with a bit of class. This event, hosted in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of Sydney, The Rocks, is provided as a festive activity complete with tasty bevos (wine, beer etc.) and actors and historians detailing how the historic site of some of Sydneys oldest pubs, came to be so magnificent. Running all throughout the week, The Rocks Pub Tour costs around $40 for 2 hours, which includes all the booze on offer at surrounding pubs. I know where I'll be spending my Saturday night!

I know I have only mentioned 1 out of the 101 fabulous activities around Sydney, but stay tuned because there is definitely more to come.

Reasons why we love Cadmans Cottage, The Rocks

  • One of the oldest surviving buildings in Australia
  • In the heart of Sydney City
  • Surrounded by plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants
  • Easily accessible

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