What to Expect from Pool Service

Pool service provides people with pool cleaning and maintenance services throughout the year. These services are both residential and commercial. Residential services are provided once a week whereas commercial services are provided three times a week from May to October and twice a week for the remaining part of the year. In terms of services provided, there are four options to choose from and the option to go for will be depended on your specific needs.

The first option is full feature pool services. These are all round cleaning services where you will have all the debris in you spars or pools removed, catcher gaskets cleaned as well as proper water sanitation and chemical balance ensured. Furthermore, the pool walls will be brushed and the surface skimmed. Finally, there will be a thorough inspection of pumps and your service records will be updated.

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The second option of services provided involves installation of new equipment. Pool Service will install new systems in your swimming pools. Some of the systems that can be will include chlorinators, solar heaters, salt systems, ladders, fountains, lighting systems, temperature controls, pool covers and automatic cleaners.

You might be requiring only chemical services. Here, the specific tasks to be done include pump inspection and troubleshooting, addition of the required chemicals, catcher basket and backwash filters cleaning as well as keeping of the service records. In addition, there will be sanitation and proper chemical balance of water.

Finally, if you require repair services such as detecting leakages, replacement of skimmers, skimmers, bulbs, o-rings, filters and acid washes, Pool service will provide you with all these repair service and many others.

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