Event Decor Rental Nashville TN

Take your event to the next level with decor rentals. From tents, tables, and chairs to beautiful balloon archways, we have everything that you need. 

Event decor rental is a popular service for special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, concerts, and other large gatherings. Whether a small and intimate gathering or a giant and elaborate affair, event decor rental services can provide everything needed to create a memorable and impressive event. The most commonly rented items are tents, tables, chairs, searchlights, stages, and lighting.

Tents are essential for outdoor events, as they provide shelter from the elements and can create an intimate and elegant atmosphere. Companies typically offer a wide range of tents, including canopy, frame, pole, and large clear-span tents. These tents come in various sizes and styles, allowing for flexibility in the event’s setup. Some tents also come with optional accessories such as sidewalls, lighting, and flooring, allowing customization to suit the event’s specific needs.

Tables and chairs are also essential for events, providing guests with a place to sit and dine. We offer multiple table and chair options, including round, rectangular, banquet, and cocktail tables. Chairs can range from standard folding chairs to elegant Chiavari chairs or barstools, depending on the desired level of sophistication. These rental companies also provide linens, chair covers, and other accessories to complete the look and feel of the event.

Searchlights are a popular rental item for outdoor events, especially at night. These powerful beams of light can highlight an event’s particular area or feature, such as the entrance or stage. Searchlights come in various sizes and strengths, allowing for customization to suit the event’s needs. Many rental companies offer remote control operation and optional colored gels to enhance the visual impact of the searchlights further.

Stages and lighting are also essential rental items for events, as they provide a platform for performers and a means of creating a particular ambiance. Event decor rental companies typically offer stages in various sizes and shapes, including round, rectangular, and multi-level stages. These stages can be customized with optional features such as skirting, stairs, and multimedia screens. Lighting is also crucial for creating the desired atmosphere, and rental companies can provide various lighting options, including uplighting, wash lighting, and even moving lights. These lighting options can be used to highlight the stage, the event space, or particular event features, such as floral arrangements or artwork.

When considering event decor rental, choosing a company that can provide all necessary items and services in one convenient package is essential. This can include delivery, setup, and even teardown, allowing event organizers to focus on other aspects of the event planning process. It’s also essential to choose a company with a wide range of options and willing to work with the client to customize the rental package to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Also essential to consider the overall theme and style of the event. We can guide the selection of items and accessories that will complement the event’s aesthetic, ensuring the overall design is cohesive and visually pleasing. We can also advise on selecting rental items based on the event’s budget and logistics.

In addition to the items and services mentioned above, we can provide a range of additional items and services, such as sound equipment, portable bars, and even generators. These additional items can help ensure that the event runs smoothly and that guests are comfortable and entertained throughout the event.

In conclusion, event decor rental is essential for any event organizer looking to create a memorable and impressive event. Whether it’s a small and intimate gathering or a large and elaborate affair, event decor