Spider Web Mountain

If you are looking for that big piece of equipment that nobody else has–something new, exciting and never been seen before–then this is it! The Spider Web Mountain was brand new in 2011 and was a smash hit. Standing at 26’ tall, this revolutionary climbing structure features 7 levels of “spider webbing.”

The participants start on the inflatable at the bottom and pull, crawl, and climb their way through each level of webbing until they reach the top. The climb to the top is deceivingly challenging and is a blast for all ages! Once at the top, kick back with your friends and enjoy the view before beginning the journey back down.

8’ wide x 20’ long x 28’ tall

Power Requirements:
1 electrical outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker within 75′ of the game

Embark on a unique and thrilling adventure with our exclusive Spider Web Mountain rental at your next Nashville event! This towering and innovative climbing structure is a standout attraction, perfect for adding an element of excitement and challenge to any gathering.

Standing at an impressive 26 feet tall, Spider Web Mountain features seven levels of spider web-like netting, creating a captivating and fun climbing experience. Participants begin their ascent from an inflatable base, pulling, crawling, and climbing through each level. The climb, while fun, is deceptively challenging, making it an enjoyable and rewarding activity for climbers of all ages.

Spider Web Mountain is more than just a climb; it’s an adventure that engages and delights. Once climbers reach the top, they’re rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a unique vantage point to enjoy the view with friends before beginning their descent.

This equipment is ideal for various events, including festivals, corporate team-building, school events, church functions, and private parties. It’s a surefire way to make your event stand out and provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Dimensions of Spider Web Mountain are 8 feet wide by 20 feet long by 28 feet tall, making it a significant and eye-catching presence at your event. It requires a power source with 1 electrical outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker within 75 feet of the game setup.

Our rental service includes delivery, setup, takedown, and all necessary safety equipment and instructions. We ensure that Spider Web Mountain is safely and securely installed, allowing your guests to enjoy their climbing adventure with peace of mind.

Choose Spider Web Mountain for your Nashville event and let your guests reach new heights of fun and excitement!