Hot Air Balloon Rides

Your balloon adventure starts with a call from your pilot who will confirm the weather and give you directions to the launch field. When you arrive at the launch field you will be given a safety briefing and are welcome to help with the inflation of the balloon or take photographs. Once the hot air balloon is inflated and you are aboard, off we go.

Your hot air balloon flight will last approximately one hour. We will travel with the wind at altitudes as low as the treetops and as high as 3,500 feet. Once your hot air balloon lands the pilot will perform the traditional champagne/sparkling cider toast. The hot air balloon team will pack up the balloon and passengers will be returned to the the launch field.

All flights are subject to weather conditions and safety precautions to be determined by Old Hickory Aviation, Inc. All above prices are subject to change. Please contact Julian Tune for more info.

Embark on an unforgettable aerial journey over the scenic landscapes of Nashville with Old Hickory Aviation’s Hot Air Balloon Rentals. Your adventure begins with a call from your pilot, ensuring ideal weather conditions for your flight. Upon arriving at the launch field, you’ll be greeted with a comprehensive safety briefing and can participate in the balloon’s inflation, capturing these moments with photographs.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Experience: Join in the excitement of inflating the balloon or enjoy the spectacle.
  • Scenic Flight: Approximately one-hour flight, traveling with the wind at varying altitudes for breathtaking views.
  • Varied Altitudes: Fly as low as the treetops or ascend up to 3,500 feet for a diverse perspective of Nashville’s beauty.
  • Champagne/Sparkling Cider Toast: Celebrate your flight with a traditional post-landing toast by the pilot.
  • Convenient Round-Trip: After landing, our team will pack up the balloon, and passengers will be transported back to the launch field.

Safety and Weather Considerations:

  • Weather-Dependent: All flights are subject to favorable weather conditions for your safety.
  • Professional Guidance: Safety precautions and decisions are at the discretion of Old Hickory Aviation, Inc.

Booking Information:

  • Location: Flights available in and around Nashville, TN.
  • Pricing: Competitive rates with the potential for changes. Please get in touch for detailed pricing information.
  • Reservation: Booking in advance is recommended to secure your preferred date and to confirm weather conditions.

Contact Us:

Take to the skies with Old Hickory Aviation and enjoy Nashville like never before. Contact Julian Tune today to book your Hot Air Balloon adventure and soar above the ordinary!