Sword Swallower Performer

 ~ ~ ~ ~ Belteshazzar the Sword Swallower ~ ~ ~ ~ ''The King's chief official gave them new names: To Daniel, he gave the name 'Belteshazzar'...'Chief of the Magicians', after the name of God, as the Spirit of the holy God is in him, for no mystery is too difficult for him'' --Daniel 1:7, 4:8-9



“He swallows cold hard steel deep into his body…

“…A dimwit with a wit of tin, a heart of gold,
and a stomach of steel (and sometimes a lead foot!)…”

Tired of the same old boring magicians, bands, and comedy acts? 

Want something FUN, FRESH, FLASHY and DIFFERENT?  EDGY yet clean, funny, and FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY?
With AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION where YOUR audience is CENTER STAGE, Uplifting and profoundly moving to blow your audience’s mind andcreate a PROFOUND EXPERIENCE,
an IMPACT  they will NEVER FORGET? ​ Get the very BEST!  A CUT ABOVE  the REST

Step away from the conventional! If you’re seeking an entertainment experience in Nashville that’s FUN, FRESH, and FLASHY, our Sword Swallower Performer is your answer! This isn’t just a performance; it’s an edgy, clean, and family-friendly spectacle that combines danger, humor, and awe-inspiring skill. Perfect for those looking to make a lasting IMPACT at their event with something genuinely DIFFERENT and MEMORABLE!

What We Offer:

  • Daring Sword Swallowing Acts: Experience the thrill as our performer executes this ancient art with modern flair, ensuring every moment is filled with suspense and amazement.
  • Audience Participation: Your guests are not just spectators but a part of the show! Our performer involves the audience, making them the CENTER STAGE of the action.
  • Family-Friendly Entertainment: Though edgy, our show is meticulously crafted to be clean, funny, and suitable for all ages.

A Profoundly Moving Experience: Our sword swallower does more than perform; they create a profound experience that will leave your audience’s minds blown. The act is carefully designed to be uplifting, with a mix of humor and stunning skill, ensuring an impact that your guests will NEVER FORGET.

Perfect For:

  • Corporate Events
  • Family Gatherings
  • Festivals
  • School Events
  • Private Parties
  • Any event looking for that ‘CUT ABOVE’ entertainment!

Why Choose Our Sword Swallower?

  • Unmatched Skill: Trained and experienced, our performer brings expertise and safety to this daring art.
  • Customized Performances: Tailored to fit the theme and mood of your event, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
  • Lasting Impact: Guaranteed to provide a performance that sticks in the minds of your audience long after the event has ended.

Location: Serving Nashville, TN, and the surrounding regions.

Book Now: Ready to bring the edge and excitement of sword swallowing to your next event? Contact us to book Nashville’s top sword swallower and prepare to offer your guests an entertainment experience they will talk about for years to come!