The Science Guy

The Science Guy

The Science Guy visits kids wherever they are! From Scouts, Camps and About Us Picnics to Fairs, Malls and Movie Theaters always delights audiences and has them wishing for more! Wherever the venue we always have exciting and innovative activities to captivate the curiosity and imagination of children!

The Science Guy Special Events:                    
Reaches children ages 3-12 at home, in school and in theme parks or anywhere children gather.
Has a rapidly expanding network of franchises located in every major market in North America as well as in many countries overseas.
Attracts media attention including CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds of community newspaper and television stations around the world.
Is a powerful brand name with 122,000 annual presentations and 144 MILLION annual consumer impressions.
Has a proven business model with more than a decade of experience.

Parents hire The Science Guy to captivate children with high-energy presentations that make a child’s birthday party unforgettable. Children love the bubbling potions, slimy goo and spectacular chemical magic they get to make themselves.

Teachers entrust The Science Guy to bring the newest and coolest in cutting-edge science content directly to their classrooms. Schools are attracted to the inquiry-based activities that supplement curriculum, meet national & state / provincial requirements and cost a fraction of what it would cost schools to do it themselves.

Park operators rely on The Science Guy stage shows to engage large audiences and attract school groups with a multi-sensory experience of sound, lighting, video animation, pyrotechnics and interactive excitement that is fun for both children and parents.

We aim to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining and educational activities that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around them.

To become the world leader in fun, wholesome and educational science entertainment, with a recognized consumer brand, strong community support, and global operations that reach children in every facet of their lives.