Gladiator Joust

The Gladiator Joust is an inflatable jousting arena with (2) four-foot pedestals and (2) five-foot foam padded giant Q-tip looking jousting sticks. Two competitors enter the arena with their foam padded head gear on. They climb up on their opposing pedestals, grab their jousting sticks, and wait for the signal to start. When they get the signal, the competition begins. They swing their jousting sticks in an effort to knock their opponent off his or her pedestal. The game is over when one of the competitors falls off their pedestal onto the 1 ½ foot cushion of air. The Joust is a blast to play and just as exciting to watch and cheer your friends on. This is an extremely popular game with all ages and will definitely draw a crowd of spectators.

Safety Features The Gladiator Joust comes equipped with padded boxing head gear to eliminate any possible head injuries. Jousting batons have thick energy absorbing foam padding to soften even the hardest blows. The thickly ribbed air cushion floor of the Jousting Arena breaks the hardest falls into a soft cushion of air.

GLADIATOR JOUST DIMENSIONS: 25′ wide x 35′ long x 12′ tall POWER REQUIREMENTS: (1) 20 amp 110-volt circuit within 80′ of Joust (G-Force does offer a generator to meet this power requirement at a very reasonable cost) THROUGHPUT: Up to 120 persons per hour RIDER RESTRICTIONS: Max weight: 220lbs Min Weight: none    Max Age: none    Min Age: 5 years old and 40″ tall