Kids High Striker

Available with or without gifts. Gifts are an extra fee.Ask how to have it added to your rental.

“Bring the excitement of the carnival to your young guests in Nashville, TN, with our Kids High Striker game rental! This child-friendly version of the classic strength-testing game is perfectly designed for kids, offering them a chance to join in on the fun and excitement that has been a carnival staple for generations.

Our Kids High Striker is a scaled-down version of the traditional High Striker, making it accessible and enjoyable for children. Standing at an appropriate height for young players, this game allows kids to swing a lightweight mallet and test their strength. The aim is simple yet thrilling – hit the target with enough force to send the puck soaring up the tower to ring the bell at the top.

This game is a fantastic addition to any event, whether a birthday party, school fair, community festival, or family gathering. It’s not just a game; it’s an attraction that draws in crowds, encouraging kids to try to ring the bell and earn their moment of triumph.

The Kids High Striker is designed with safety and fun in mind. Its colorful and eye-catching appearance captures the attention of little ones, while the equipment is built to be safe and easy for children to use.

We take care of the game’s delivery, setup, and takedown, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you. Our team ensures that the game is in perfect working condition, clean, and ready to bring joy to your young guests.

Elevate your Nashville event with our Kids High Striker game rental – where every child can ring the bell and be the show’s star!”