Rock Wall Rentals

Our rock climbing wall is 24′ tall and fully automated. “The Rock” is an immensely popular game for all ages seeking the thrilling adrenaline rush of rock climbing. It features three safety cables that allow up to three climbers to scale the wall at once. Each cable hangs over a trail of rock hand holds that may be added or removed increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the climb to match any persons skill level. The life-like rock climbing surface will attract anyone from the novice to even the professional rock climber. “The Rock” is equipped with an automatic safety harness system called the Auto Belay System. Far safer than the old manual belay, this system of pulleys, cables, and pressurized hydraulic rams automatically lower the climber down the wall at a safe rate of descent anytime the climber let’s go of the wall.

Safety Features “The Rock” features the best safety device ever created in the sport of rock climbing – its patented Auto Belay System. The Auto Belay System reduces the human errors and fatigue factors involved in the use of manual belay systems. The Auto Belay System meets the ASTM F-24 standard of safety set forth by the amusement park industry. Since the induction of the system, over 100,000 satisfied customers have safely climbed with ZERO accidents.

DIMENSIONS: 20′ wide x 40′ long x 25′ tall
POWER REQUIREMENTS: No power required
THROUGHPUT: Up to 120 persons per hour
RIDER RESTRICTIONS: Max weight: 220 lbs
Min Weight: 40 lbs
Max Age: none
Min Age: 5 years old