Wax Hands

Wax Hands…Hot, Cool, Crazy, Creative

Wax Hands aren’t just for younger children, teens, and adults. Even grandparents love to try it! Wax hands is a Hands-On Interactive Craft. we Specialize in many events including Fund Raisers, Churches, Private parties, School functions, Christmas Parties, Project Graduations, Colleges, Proms, and many more. Design variations of Wax Hands are endless. A mold of the hand can be made into any position in which guests can hold their hands. A “peace sign” is very popular but so is “hang loose,” “I Love You,” “Okay,” “Live Long And Prosper,” and “Thumbs Up.”

Join the latest craze with Wax Hands, It’s cool and hot at the same time, plus it goes Home with your guest as a party favor. First choose your hand pose, next your hand Is dipped in cold soapy water, then in warm wax this is repeated several times until A true to form mold of the hand is formed, the casting is then cooled and removed from the hand, now the aspiring artist can customized there craft in a variety of color combinations that will be a one-of-a-kind keepsake from your event.