Quad Bungee Power Jump

This amazing state of the art structure allows persons to feel as if they could leap buildings in a single bounce. With the aid of jumping mats and multiple bungee cords, the jumper experiences an incredible shot upwards. While in mid-air the persons may experience the adrenaline rush of a single, double, or even a triple somersault!

Safety Information Our Quad Power Jump is constructed from some of the finest aircraft grade materials on the market. In addition, our units are equipped with a Multiple Elastics System (MES). That means Jumpers are harnessed into a minimum of four bungee cords ( two from the left side and two from the right ) not the old single bungee cord system. Therefore a safety redundancy factor has been built into this system. The bungee cords themselves are specially designed for its purpose. They have been deemed extremely safe with German TUV ratings – same ratings given to Mercedes-Benz. The cords are then attached to a comfortable 3 point harness that safely secures occupant during upside down flight. Our power jump also features the soft Euro-Bungy Air Trampolines which prevent injuries by your more aggressive jumpers.