Football Toss

Carnival Game where you use a Football to toss through the holes in the Football backdrop game. Get it through the hole and win. (You will be required to supply prizes for game).

Test your quarterback skills with our Football Toss Game, the perfect addition to any carnival, fair, corporate event, or private party in Nashville, TN! This classic carnival game is a crowd-pleaser, engaging for kids and adults alike.

About the Football Toss Game:

Our Football Toss game features a vibrant, football-themed backdrop with strategically placed holes of varying sizes. The objective is simple yet challenging: players use a football to aim and toss through these holes. Each successful throw scores points or earns a prize – the thrill of victory in every successful toss!

Game Features:

  • Football-Themed Backdrop: A large, eye-catching backdrop designed with a football field and goalposts, creating an immersive experience.
  • Multiple Holes for Various Skill Levels: The game includes holes of different sizes and positions, catering to various skill levels and ages.
  • Quality Footballs Provided: We supply well-maintained, regulation-size footballs to ensure a fair and enjoyable game experience.
  • Compact and Portable: Our Football Toss game is designed for easy setup and mobility, making it perfect for various locations and event sizes.

Service Details:

  • Setup and Teardown: Our professional team handles the setup and teardown of the game, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organizers.
  • Safety and Maintenance: We prioritize safety and maintain our equipment to the highest standards.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly staff is always ready to assist and provide tips to players, ensuring everyone has a great time.

Please Note: As the event organizer, you must supply prizes for the game. This allows you the flexibility to tailor the rewards to your specific audience and event theme.

Whether you’re aiming to add a sporty touch to your event or simply looking for an entertaining activity that appeals to all ages, our Football Toss game rental is a surefire way to score big with your guests. Book now and let the fun begin at your next event in Nashville, TN!